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more of a concrete update sort of

First off, fuck James. He's the guy I've cried over in the past and its obvious that we're not ever going to be much more than fair weather friends. He moved to florida, then I moved to florida. See, I met my boyfriend last september and now I'm living with him. It's been nothing but roses now and I love him very much. We all do, so much so that we've kind of unified into one entity. I mean it sounds fuckin' gross when you think about it. Like an amoeba kinda thing and honestly now I want to throw up.
So Florida is like the devil's goddamn armpit. It's hot and humid all the time and there's bugs the size of my hand and I scream like a girl and have my boyfriend save me. it doesn't work out so well because he screams too and I have to put the big boy pants on and save him back.
We have a little cat called Sock and she's hell on 4 legs. Wakes up waay before any of us and attacks our feet under the blankets. And if we put her outside the door she cries until we let her back in to attack our feet. Little shit....so I lock her in the kitchen in the morning so I can't hear her crying. She'll get over it soon because Zekey needs his beauty rest.

Another thing I've noticed is that I think we have a really bad eating disorder. We always feel fat and we skip meals a lot. talk about first world problems right? boyfriend tries to get us to eat I suppose and it works a little bit of time. But it's normal if we only get one meal a day, maybe two. It's not bad when we don't feel hunger, but when we do it sucks. I don't know what to do. The idea of gaining wait is so absolutely petrifying that we don't eat. I don't care if you have some bad opinions of me for feeling like this. I can't help it.

Driving to Florida was an adventure because BF wanted to visit his town in west virginia first. And we lived in connecticut, so it was 700 miles to his house then from his house we went to the florida house and that's another 800 miles away. Going through the mountains sucked because my little red rocket was going 45 up them in 70 miles per hour zones, semi trucks were passing us. The car burnt oil something fierce and we hit 100,000 miles on the way to florida but we made it! So now my red car is in florida without me. 
See, we had to fly home last weekend. A close family member passed away. I won't go into the details but it's all over now and we're at peace.

Tuesday we're set to go back home to boyfriend and let me tell you, it's a long time coming...I can't wait ;3 


Holy Toledo!

Wow batman I remembered our password! It was the uh...*snaps* the....Username. that we forgot. 
I'm back now for now at least...where to begin, there's so much to tell that's gone on outside the system. It's quiet in here is all, so there's not much to complain about. And you all know me, I love complaining. 

FD Mavica. Swag.

So yesterday one of my awesome friends got me a late christmas present on account that I hadn't seen him at christmas. It's an FD Mavica from 1997. What is an FD Mavica you ask? Why, feast your eyes on this.

That's it. It's a digital camera from 1997 and it saves images to a built-in floppy disk. (I NO RITE?!)
It's about the size of a portable CD player, maybe a bit thicker because of the drive. This thing is so goddamn cool I have no idea what to make of it. Can of Cashews it's sitting on and the Wii MotionPlus not included.

It shoots in 640x480 so I don't have to scale the images down on this webpage like I have to do with my 14 megapixel camera that I've been using. That shoots 4320x3240. lots of pixels. So here's some sample images

The images come out grainy as hell sometimes, but it can get clearer if it wants to. I haven't figured it out just yet how to do it. But every time you take a picture you have to wait a few seconds for it to save it to the floppy drive. So you hear that old retro floppy disk sound you all remember from your childhoods...it's like I lose a few months of my age every time I take a picture :D
This is just from the passenger seat of my mom's minivan as we drive up the road to take down our grandma's christmas tree...

See? This one came out good! It's a can of half iced-tea, half lemonade. Fuze brand, yellow can with stylized tea leaves under the label and some lemon slices near the bottom of the can. It's pretty good stuff but grandma doesn't like it. Ah well, more for me :D

This inverted image is of my dog, Jack. He's not really blue. The camera has these awesome effects you can set. It's like Instagram before there was internet. It's so goddamn badas! Here's the pic in regular after the gap. He's just sitting on the stairs panting like he normally does. Very furry long-haired Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix. 

Normal picture of Jack, no photo effects

Here's the Franken-Sube with its newly installed windshield. I need to bring it back to the autoglass place because there's a leak in the seal on the top. Sounds god awful on the highway and I don't want it popping out on me. This is using the Solarize effect. Basically it cuts the camera down to using only 256 colors when saving the image. 

And here's my cat, Jill. very small grey cat with pale green eyes and a pink collar (not shown because she's laying on the couch). I really wish I knew cat breeds because I'd try to find out what she is exactly. But there she is, giving me her death glare that she normally does...
This is a 10x zoom shot from across the room. 
I'm totally floored by how responsive the LCD screen on that camera is. If you've ever panned with a digital camera from today, what you see on the screen is a few milliseconds behind reality and you can kind of see it when you pan quickly. But if you pan with the Mavica it looks like an old home movie from the 90's with that analog-digital look to it. 60hz I think the screen operates at which is awesome. It even has a hardware zoom. But yeah that;s my new camera that I'm totally dorking out about :DD

-Zeke, Daniel, Seg

Late Christmas

I actually got us up early today so now I have nothing to do. A few quick things.

Firstly, Christmas was last week and that was pretty awesome . I managed to get a Kindle Fire. That poor thing is so under appreciated it's not even worth laughing about. As most of you know, the big craze these days is Android and tablets. Everybody needs to have a tablet like the iPad but not the iPad. So they want you to buy an android tablet instead because its better apparently. Everybody makes tablets now to stay hip and new. Even Polaroid made 2 tablets that ended up sucking really bad. 
Enter Amazon. The people who make that website that's like eBay but better than eBay because most of the crap you can get there is brand new and you have warranties. Amazon used to be a place to buy books and crap. It was a really small startup company and it didn't seem like they would last as long as they did. But then they exploded and people started buying from them like crazy. Now they're the biggest online retailer and nobody can stop them muahah.

Amazon decided a few years ago to turn books completely digital. So they came up with the E-Reader. They called it the Kindle. So now it's 2012 and they have these things called Kindle Fires. It's a stretch to call them a Kindle because these do so much more than read books. Actually its an android tablet that has been locked down to allow only Amazon approved apps from their app store. So you don't get the full Android experience with the Google Play app store that has millions more apps than Amazon does. Amazon does have its perks though if you have their special membership that's like $80 a month or whatever it is, all you can eat movies and music. Convenient. But only if you have that subscription, which I don't. SO. I did what any sensible tech junkie would do and I rooted it. Now it's the best friend I ever had because the screen is so much bigger than my iPod touch and I can plug a USB flash drive or a keyboard and mouse and use it like a normal computer. This is why I like Android so much. It's like a computer. 

For Christmas I also got a lot of candy and it was like Halloween with a different color scheme. 

I also bought a windshield.
Oh wait, I didn't tell you. Back in October I got into a car crash. I rear-ended a truck. Yes it's all my fault and I still want to hang myself for causing that much damage to my poor car.  The truck was fine by the way but I needed a new front end. The hood was crumpled, smashed my headlight on the driver's side and crushed my fender on the driver side as well. Both my radiator and A/C condenser coil were punctured and sprayed scalding hot coolant all over the bottom of my car. The frame was bent and my shifter got misaligned. Ah what the hell have some pictures.

So what you see is my car with a really bad nose job. That deep dent is where the truck hit. It was right on the tow hitch and that's welded to the frame so it's basically an immovable object. And my car hit it and took that right in the face. The hood was all pushed up so that was totally destroyed. There's no way that would have been straightened out Goddamn shame too. I'm going to miss all those key marks on the paint. The headlight on the driver's side was completely shattered and the metal bits that hold it to the car was pushed in too. Took a lot of banging. So there's glass all over the front bumper and those dark spots all over it are splotches of coolant and R-22 A/C refrigerant oil. Which is highly illegal to make now. So my air conditioner is royally fucked for life now. The radiator you see in the front that took the most damage is the A/C condenser coil. I thought that was the actual radiator but it's actually not. There's a small crack in the windshield that you can't see, but about 3 days later that developed into a crack that went all the way to the top and it spread across my view. Eventually if I didn't do anything with it, it would shatter and I would have a lap full of glass.

I didn't sleep a wink that night. All I was doing was laying in bed thinking about what I did to my car and if I should kill myself. So I went outside around 6:30 AM to start taking bits off of it. First thing to go was the hood which you can see in the middle left of the photo. I spray painted R.B. on it because that is going to be the car's tombstone. It stands for Red Baron. Which is what the car used to be named before I killed it. The engine was not harmed, as you can see in the previous photo, the car was up against that back wall you can see in the upper right of the photo about 30 feet away. After I got the hood off I could see. So I tried to start the engine. It took me 20 minutes to realize the ignition coil had gotten unplugged, so the spark plugs weren't getting any spark. Couldn't get the gas in the cylinders to fire. So the car just chugged along on its starter motor not firing and I couldn't figure out what happened. There was automatic transmission fluid all over the top of the engine and I thought my tranny had exploded. Turns out the power steering pump uses A.T.F. as a hydraulic fluid (A.T.F. smells like NOS energy drinks I come to discover). Once I plugged the coil back in the car started right up...and tried to go backwards. Then I realized that even though the shifter said the car was in Park, the lever connecting it to the transmission had become bent, so P was now Reverse. With that in mind I put the car in Neutral and it started driving forward. It sounded very. very. Angry. and there was smoke flying everywhere because the belts up front got pinched on something. The car did drive and I was so happy, I pulled it into its spot in the driveway so I could work on it and so my parents could get in and out of the driveway with their cars.  So that bit of metal that holds the hood down and the headlights in place was pushed back a bit. That was a bitch. 

This was about a day or 2 days later. I got what menial tools I had and took off the busted headlight, the radiator and soon that little fan you see inside the car. That's the clutch fan. It's attached to the coolant pump (some call it a water pump but there's no water in there, its coolant). That fan is actually pretty cool. It has a semi-viscous non-Newtonian fluid inside that solidifies when the temperature goes up. This locks the fan up and makes it spin faster allowing it to push more air to the radiator and cool the car. But this one is fucked and all the fluid leaked out. because I hit a truck. 

So now I manage to get my brand new radiator in ($150) and I bought a hood from the junk yard that has a whole Subaru Loyale just for me. I plan to steal the transmission out of that one at a later date. Maybe the doors too because they have electric windows. Now the car is drive-able again so I limp it up to my uncle's house where he has a fully equipped garage with wrenches of every size and shape and actual tools. Not some pink pliers and a couple of forks like at our house. So now I pull even more bits out and uncle helps me out with a bodywork kit he had. We pounded out the dents in that metal bit to make the new headlights fit. Look you can even see the new clutch fan through the radiator because its brand fucking new. Then automatic transmission has lines that lead to the radiator too, which is why I couldn't take the one out of the junker car at the junk yard. That one has a manual transmission, and thus no automatic transmission line hookups on the radiator. Bummer. Also the engine on my car is so small you can fit the spare tired under the hood. Fuck it was cold out there that day too...

Here's a light test with my new headlight in and a new plastic grille for the one i smashed up. The grille and the light are from the donor car. That car was Subaru's "Misty Dawn" color that my dad's old Subaru had. He went and blew that car up on accident because the timing belt snapped. His car was a turbo with a manual transmission and actual 4 wheel drive. Fuck I'm so pissed I didn't get that car.
I also took a fender off the donor car and replaced it. So the driver's side fender is a different color and also not dented. On the ground beneath the car there's splotches of coolant from when I had to take the new radiator out again to prevent it from getting damaged with the work our uncle and I was doing. There's a bucket I put under the car at home so the coolant would leak more into the bucket than onto the driveway and kill our cats. I also put every bolt and nut in there so I wouldn't lose it. Kind of a bad idea. On the left there's a bottle of automatic transmission fluid and a can of grease. On the right is the bucket, a can of WD-40 and a worker's glove because I was using a grinding wheel and that's dangerous. 
To the right on the photo is a tarp that's covering the bottom half of my uncle's newest toy, a 1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. That's a wicked cool car.

Here's the finished product. The all new 1990/1992/1993 Subaru Loyale wagon. It's essentially a clown car now. I have sky-blue hood, a purple/misty dawn fender and a red body. The hood doesn't sit perfect anymore, its actually a lot better now than it was in the photo because I adjusted it as much as I could. Almost can't tell it's off now. On the ground is that same coolant splotch, a gatorade bottle of coolant (that's not gatorade) a funnel for putting the coolant into the car and a socket wrench. I still drive my car to this day, it's got a new windshield too. 
I've renamed it. Its no longer The Red Baron. I killed it. And then brought it back to life, so now it's named The Zombie Baron.

So that was in October. I have one last interesting thing to show you. Her name is Zelda.

She is a few months old American Eskimo dog. Or a small white German Spitz. Whichever you want to call her. But I prefer you call her Zelda. She weighed something like...8 or 9 pounds or something, She's still a puppy. But unlike a puppy she is quiet as a mouse. My own little Souris (which means Mouse in French). But unfortunately she isn't my dog. She is still at the pet store and needs my love. But she's $500. I wanted to buy her right then but I knew I couldn't. If you want to make a donation to my dog fund send me a donation in paypal at miles_prower48@yahoo.com. I'd love her, but yeah I'm not expecting anything in the form of donations XD
She never barked at all and she stayed where you put her down...god she was so cute. It's the only time I've been attracted to a girl. =P

links in comments

I'm not giving you fucks free advertising. If you're going to read my shit and comment on it, be honest. 
Any comments I find with links to your own blog or whatever I'm going to fucking delete them. You're a piece of shit and you should feel like a piece of shit. Go away.

October Update...I guess...

Remember a few posts back when I said I blew out my ass end on the highway? Well the parts came in. And I've since put them in my car. I'm kinda scared now that I know what's holding my suspension in the car in place. It's two bolts. Screwed into the body of the car. 2 bolts taking the hundreds of pounds of pressure when I hit a pothole. Pros are that I can replace the struts in within 5 minutes if I didn't have to use the same springs. Cons are that the damn thing might break entirely and cost me a car. I don't think that's the best thing to do...

The starter motor was even more of a pain in the ass. 3 bolts are holding it onto my engine block (which is pitifully small). I had to reach up from under the car to get those bolts out. Y'know why the fuck can it not be something EASY TO FIX like an alternator? NO. It has to be the starter motor because life hates me. The old one had to shit the bed. Plus when I returned my broken starter (For like a $25 refund) I bought a NOS energy drink....and they must've charged me like $4 for the thing....ugh I hate people. 

I've since been fired from my job, which is all roses.  They finally got fed up with how "bad" I was doing (as in their full time employees blaming me for everything and being a scapegoat) and "let me go" So that sucks. It wouldn't be that bad if they HADN'T LIED TO ME. they lied to me, saying all the summer help was getting fired because there were some really bad sales figures or some stupid shit. Turns out I was the only one fired. I still had a good month of income on the way. So I don't think they'll be hiring me again next year. 

I don't like to make it seem like the worker and the establishment have some sort of imbalance, like you always work FOR the company. I call it selling my time. It sounds nicer and it doesn't make you feel like a serf. Which sounds better?
"I'm working for this company pushing soda around"
"I'm selling my time to a company that sells soda"

Definitely number two, because that sounds more dignified. They both mean the same thing, so use the better one and take away some of the perceived power from the company. But enough about those assholes.

Nothing really happened lately, I guess. Since the repairs the car's been fine. Haven't met anybody hopeful (no surprise there, nobody likes me) Met this one guy who seemed interested and then just up and said "oh I'm not too worried about relationships anymore" So I'm SOL again. Fucking poured HOURS into this friendship hoping it'll turn out more but turns out it wasn't to be. Is it even possible to find someone you're attracted to who is attracted back? hah...I doubt it. 

I've built our desktop from the money we saved from working (We still got plenty to live off of) 
But this computer is top of the line badass. I got: an Intel i7 3770k which is the latest version, 16GB of ram and a GTX 680 card. It runs everything perfectly. (EVEN ANGRY BIRDS) Kidding about the last bit that game blows >.>

I guess all I want now is someone to watch the world burn with. Almost had someone in-house :D but I guess not D:

School started back up and it's been great I guess. Except we bombed a math test and our history teacher is a doucher. I hate when people condescend you. There is no difference between this guy and us. He teaches a course, I take notes. No difference. I neither disrespected  him nor did he provide some form of respect towards me. The one in the higher standing makes the first move in the respect game. Fuck anybody who tells me otherwise, get off my page. He made the first move in the negative direction, we aren't friends. 

Ugh I want to keep writing but I just can't. That friend that came over from Iowa I wrote about a while back? he's gone. Hates the living shit out of me for reasons I have no idea. It hurts. it sucks. I want to die.

So if any of you like graphic novels try the manga-zation of Nausicaaa of the Valley of The Wind. Miyazaki wrote it as well as the film that was based off it. The books are infinitely better, its so much longer and the characters are top notch. There's a 3 way war instead of some stupid 2 front war. This one's badass. Though it doesn't have Tony Jay narrating it, it still works really good. I love the books. So buy them :D
  Why is tea always nice? 

"Have a nice cup of tea"
"Let me put on a nice pot of tea"
"Life is easier with a nice cup of tea" 

Not me, I make mean cups. A mean cup of tea. This fucker bites your tongue on the way down!

Mark Twain's house

A few days ago the family went on a trip to Hartford (which is an hour away) to visit Mark Twain's house. The one he wrote the most in. Because he's had dozens of houses. This one is the most famous (its not even the only one that he had build tor himself)
It's a really cool place; stick-gothic architecture and all that, so there's bits of wood everywhere like a spider web or something...
Inside every room in the house is a different ethnic theme to it, you hardly notice it but its still there.

Just as you walk inside, the main foyer thing place is done up in Moroccan with silver painted stencils on the walls and the ceilings have this moroccan thing going on. Hard to describe it, but it reminds me of a Mosque you'd find walking around in any primarily Muslim city where they can spend a lot of money on the house of worship.
Then we go into the drawing room and that's supposedly Indian. Not much to talk about there besides its got a grand piano in it. It's one of the lightest rooms in the house.

Then the depressing part. The dining room. That place is sooo dark I can barely see my hands. And in the victorian era you're expected to eat in  nearly pitch darkness. You've got a few candles on the table but that's it. Maybe its because the quality of the food was bad and they just wanted you to eat it without looking at it or something but I dunno...don't ask me I'm not an expert. 

After that the tourguide brought our little troupe into the library which was pretty cool. There she told us how the fireplace was moved from its original location and put into another house and then they lost track of it. And then some guy comes in and says he has the fireplace sometme in the 1960s and it's in his barn and they find it and pull it out...it's cool. The walls are lined with books of all sorts (but the most modern one is like 1899 or some old old time) On the side of the library is a greenhouse kind of garden thing with a fountain. Back then the window of the garden would be looking out on wilderness because his house was right on the edge of the city at the time. (now the house is in the middle of the city)

The rest of the tour took us upstairs where everybody would sleep and we went to all of their bedrooms that still had some of the artifacts on them. To me it was creepy, the rest of the headmates kind of liked it. But not me, I mean once it was someone's private bedroom and everything in it had a little significance to the owner and it just seemed like I was trespassing. Even though when Mark Twain sold the house to move to Europe in 1893 it was sold to another family, then it became a boy's school and then to another family and then finally back to the Mark Twain Historical Society or whatever they call themselves now, it still felt like trespassing. I wouldn't want anyone other than Taran looking through my stuff...And even then only when I'm in the right mood.

The last room in the house was the room where he wrote most of his best works in. it was really bright and you could see outside for miles (being on the third floor and all) The desk was cluttered and it had an early 1890's telephone on it

The house had a lot of high tech stuff in it for the 1890s. Like a flush toilet a telephone and an intercom system for calling (paid) servants. It just didn't have electricity, only gas lighting.

Mark Twain had an opinion on everything. He opposed slavery at a time where it was normal, he wanted women to have equal rights in a time where 98% of the men only wanted the women to take care of the kids, make sandwiches in the kitchen and provide good sex. I like that about him, that he had different views from the mainstream and voiced them pretty loudly. Not to mention that we as a whole enjoy his books and are reading them currently. 

That house was really cool...

More and more and more

 Work's been getting on my nerves. 

Wanna know why? Of course you don't. Nobody reads this anyway. But I'm going to write it here anyway because this is my space and fuck you.
There is absolutely no communication within the company. I get a schedule for my next 2 weeks because the boss is on vacation. He edits it at the last moment and hands it to me with pen lines drawn through one day, Friday. Turns out that he didn't give his immediate superior the edited copy. So when it comes to be the time for me to start doing the stuff I have set out to do on Friday, I get a call from the big boss. He's asking me where I am and what stores I've done because all these stores are calling in and asking where the fuck their guy is. I have an edited list and all the other plans have been built around the original. And I get shit because I'm not doing the original stuff on the list. 
He calls me up and I can almost feel the spit hitting my face as he's yelling. He's a fucking moron... Fuck they're all morons. My point being that whenever something goes remotely awry its my fault. I get blamed for absolutely every fucking thing.  The guys I'm doing the stores for skip things like the cooler displays because I don't know, they're lazy. And then they have the nerve, the balls to tell my boss that I missed the coolers. HELLO! Earth to moron! you skipped them in the first place!

More and more bits keep falling off my car too it seems. I blew out the rear shock absorbers (apparently that isn't even a  word but we use it all the time) while hitting a storm drain on the highway. Now our car is bouncing like a Puerto-Rican low rider. Which is dangerous because the ass end could come up at any moment and make me lose control of the car, sending us to an unfortunate (and possibly all too deserved) death in flames. 
"Man dies in 22 year old rust bucket"
it'll be on the back of the local section of the newspaper...
So I bought new shocks for a wad of cash. I had just replaced the starter motor for another wad of cash. Leaving me out two wads. I would have been happy with a pull starter at this point. Gonna do that work when the parts come in. 
I'm going to rename it the Millennium Falcon because it keeps falling apart.

I really really wish I could post something a little more interesting...


More on relationships

I don't like to say this, but I really don't like it when good friends of ours get into relationships Our friendship will never be the same until they're single again. Because I figure that they devote more of their time to their significant other.  The original closeness that we had is no longer there. It takes away from the friendship.
Obviously this is a really terrible thing to say, but it's true. And this is amplified by our being single as well. Our cousin Tom for instance, him and his girlfriend would be sitting on the couch practically having sex on the couch while us and a few of his friends are playing on the xbox or something. And he has to keep playing with us as well. So when his turn comes around we all have to wait for him to disengage from the girlfriend. And by then one of the friends has gotten up to go off and do something else. 
Relations:hips ruin friendships, and that's all there is to it.