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October Update...I guess...

Remember a few posts back when I said I blew out my ass end on the highway? Well the parts came in. And I've since put them in my car. I'm kinda scared now that I know what's holding my suspension in the car in place. It's two bolts. Screwed into the body of the car. 2 bolts taking the hundreds of pounds of pressure when I hit a pothole. Pros are that I can replace the struts in within 5 minutes if I didn't have to use the same springs. Cons are that the damn thing might break entirely and cost me a car. I don't think that's the best thing to do...

The starter motor was even more of a pain in the ass. 3 bolts are holding it onto my engine block (which is pitifully small). I had to reach up from under the car to get those bolts out. Y'know why the fuck can it not be something EASY TO FIX like an alternator? NO. It has to be the starter motor because life hates me. The old one had to shit the bed. Plus when I returned my broken starter (For like a $25 refund) I bought a NOS energy drink....and they must've charged me like $4 for the thing....ugh I hate people. 

I've since been fired from my job, which is all roses.  They finally got fed up with how "bad" I was doing (as in their full time employees blaming me for everything and being a scapegoat) and "let me go" So that sucks. It wouldn't be that bad if they HADN'T LIED TO ME. they lied to me, saying all the summer help was getting fired because there were some really bad sales figures or some stupid shit. Turns out I was the only one fired. I still had a good month of income on the way. So I don't think they'll be hiring me again next year. 

I don't like to make it seem like the worker and the establishment have some sort of imbalance, like you always work FOR the company. I call it selling my time. It sounds nicer and it doesn't make you feel like a serf. Which sounds better?
"I'm working for this company pushing soda around"
"I'm selling my time to a company that sells soda"

Definitely number two, because that sounds more dignified. They both mean the same thing, so use the better one and take away some of the perceived power from the company. But enough about those assholes.

Nothing really happened lately, I guess. Since the repairs the car's been fine. Haven't met anybody hopeful (no surprise there, nobody likes me) Met this one guy who seemed interested and then just up and said "oh I'm not too worried about relationships anymore" So I'm SOL again. Fucking poured HOURS into this friendship hoping it'll turn out more but turns out it wasn't to be. Is it even possible to find someone you're attracted to who is attracted back? hah...I doubt it. 

I've built our desktop from the money we saved from working (We still got plenty to live off of) 
But this computer is top of the line badass. I got: an Intel i7 3770k which is the latest version, 16GB of ram and a GTX 680 card. It runs everything perfectly. (EVEN ANGRY BIRDS) Kidding about the last bit that game blows >.>

I guess all I want now is someone to watch the world burn with. Almost had someone in-house :D but I guess not D:

School started back up and it's been great I guess. Except we bombed a math test and our history teacher is a doucher. I hate when people condescend you. There is no difference between this guy and us. He teaches a course, I take notes. No difference. I neither disrespected  him nor did he provide some form of respect towards me. The one in the higher standing makes the first move in the respect game. Fuck anybody who tells me otherwise, get off my page. He made the first move in the negative direction, we aren't friends. 

Ugh I want to keep writing but I just can't. That friend that came over from Iowa I wrote about a while back? he's gone. Hates the living shit out of me for reasons I have no idea. It hurts. it sucks. I want to die.

So if any of you like graphic novels try the manga-zation of Nausicaaa of the Valley of The Wind. Miyazaki wrote it as well as the film that was based off it. The books are infinitely better, its so much longer and the characters are top notch. There's a 3 way war instead of some stupid 2 front war. This one's badass. Though it doesn't have Tony Jay narrating it, it still works really good. I love the books. So buy them :D