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More and more and more

 Work's been getting on my nerves. 

Wanna know why? Of course you don't. Nobody reads this anyway. But I'm going to write it here anyway because this is my space and fuck you.
There is absolutely no communication within the company. I get a schedule for my next 2 weeks because the boss is on vacation. He edits it at the last moment and hands it to me with pen lines drawn through one day, Friday. Turns out that he didn't give his immediate superior the edited copy. So when it comes to be the time for me to start doing the stuff I have set out to do on Friday, I get a call from the big boss. He's asking me where I am and what stores I've done because all these stores are calling in and asking where the fuck their guy is. I have an edited list and all the other plans have been built around the original. And I get shit because I'm not doing the original stuff on the list. 
He calls me up and I can almost feel the spit hitting my face as he's yelling. He's a fucking moron... Fuck they're all morons. My point being that whenever something goes remotely awry its my fault. I get blamed for absolutely every fucking thing.  The guys I'm doing the stores for skip things like the cooler displays because I don't know, they're lazy. And then they have the nerve, the balls to tell my boss that I missed the coolers. HELLO! Earth to moron! you skipped them in the first place!

More and more bits keep falling off my car too it seems. I blew out the rear shock absorbers (apparently that isn't even a  word but we use it all the time) while hitting a storm drain on the highway. Now our car is bouncing like a Puerto-Rican low rider. Which is dangerous because the ass end could come up at any moment and make me lose control of the car, sending us to an unfortunate (and possibly all too deserved) death in flames. 
"Man dies in 22 year old rust bucket"
it'll be on the back of the local section of the newspaper...
So I bought new shocks for a wad of cash. I had just replaced the starter motor for another wad of cash. Leaving me out two wads. I would have been happy with a pull starter at this point. Gonna do that work when the parts come in. 
I'm going to rename it the Millennium Falcon because it keeps falling apart.

I really really wish I could post something a little more interesting...