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Mark Twain's house

A few days ago the family went on a trip to Hartford (which is an hour away) to visit Mark Twain's house. The one he wrote the most in. Because he's had dozens of houses. This one is the most famous (its not even the only one that he had build tor himself)
It's a really cool place; stick-gothic architecture and all that, so there's bits of wood everywhere like a spider web or something...
Inside every room in the house is a different ethnic theme to it, you hardly notice it but its still there.

Just as you walk inside, the main foyer thing place is done up in Moroccan with silver painted stencils on the walls and the ceilings have this moroccan thing going on. Hard to describe it, but it reminds me of a Mosque you'd find walking around in any primarily Muslim city where they can spend a lot of money on the house of worship.
Then we go into the drawing room and that's supposedly Indian. Not much to talk about there besides its got a grand piano in it. It's one of the lightest rooms in the house.

Then the depressing part. The dining room. That place is sooo dark I can barely see my hands. And in the victorian era you're expected to eat in  nearly pitch darkness. You've got a few candles on the table but that's it. Maybe its because the quality of the food was bad and they just wanted you to eat it without looking at it or something but I dunno...don't ask me I'm not an expert. 

After that the tourguide brought our little troupe into the library which was pretty cool. There she told us how the fireplace was moved from its original location and put into another house and then they lost track of it. And then some guy comes in and says he has the fireplace sometme in the 1960s and it's in his barn and they find it and pull it out...it's cool. The walls are lined with books of all sorts (but the most modern one is like 1899 or some old old time) On the side of the library is a greenhouse kind of garden thing with a fountain. Back then the window of the garden would be looking out on wilderness because his house was right on the edge of the city at the time. (now the house is in the middle of the city)

The rest of the tour took us upstairs where everybody would sleep and we went to all of their bedrooms that still had some of the artifacts on them. To me it was creepy, the rest of the headmates kind of liked it. But not me, I mean once it was someone's private bedroom and everything in it had a little significance to the owner and it just seemed like I was trespassing. Even though when Mark Twain sold the house to move to Europe in 1893 it was sold to another family, then it became a boy's school and then to another family and then finally back to the Mark Twain Historical Society or whatever they call themselves now, it still felt like trespassing. I wouldn't want anyone other than Taran looking through my stuff...And even then only when I'm in the right mood.

The last room in the house was the room where he wrote most of his best works in. it was really bright and you could see outside for miles (being on the third floor and all) The desk was cluttered and it had an early 1890's telephone on it

The house had a lot of high tech stuff in it for the 1890s. Like a flush toilet a telephone and an intercom system for calling (paid) servants. It just didn't have electricity, only gas lighting.

Mark Twain had an opinion on everything. He opposed slavery at a time where it was normal, he wanted women to have equal rights in a time where 98% of the men only wanted the women to take care of the kids, make sandwiches in the kitchen and provide good sex. I like that about him, that he had different views from the mainstream and voiced them pretty loudly. Not to mention that we as a whole enjoy his books and are reading them currently. 

That house was really cool...