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FD Mavica. Swag.

So yesterday one of my awesome friends got me a late christmas present on account that I hadn't seen him at christmas. It's an FD Mavica from 1997. What is an FD Mavica you ask? Why, feast your eyes on this.

That's it. It's a digital camera from 1997 and it saves images to a built-in floppy disk. (I NO RITE?!)
It's about the size of a portable CD player, maybe a bit thicker because of the drive. This thing is so goddamn cool I have no idea what to make of it. Can of Cashews it's sitting on and the Wii MotionPlus not included.

It shoots in 640x480 so I don't have to scale the images down on this webpage like I have to do with my 14 megapixel camera that I've been using. That shoots 4320x3240. lots of pixels. So here's some sample images

The images come out grainy as hell sometimes, but it can get clearer if it wants to. I haven't figured it out just yet how to do it. But every time you take a picture you have to wait a few seconds for it to save it to the floppy drive. So you hear that old retro floppy disk sound you all remember from your childhoods...it's like I lose a few months of my age every time I take a picture :D
This is just from the passenger seat of my mom's minivan as we drive up the road to take down our grandma's christmas tree...

See? This one came out good! It's a can of half iced-tea, half lemonade. Fuze brand, yellow can with stylized tea leaves under the label and some lemon slices near the bottom of the can. It's pretty good stuff but grandma doesn't like it. Ah well, more for me :D

This inverted image is of my dog, Jack. He's not really blue. The camera has these awesome effects you can set. It's like Instagram before there was internet. It's so goddamn badas! Here's the pic in regular after the gap. He's just sitting on the stairs panting like he normally does. Very furry long-haired Siberian Husky/Border Collie mix. 

Normal picture of Jack, no photo effects

Here's the Franken-Sube with its newly installed windshield. I need to bring it back to the autoglass place because there's a leak in the seal on the top. Sounds god awful on the highway and I don't want it popping out on me. This is using the Solarize effect. Basically it cuts the camera down to using only 256 colors when saving the image. 

And here's my cat, Jill. very small grey cat with pale green eyes and a pink collar (not shown because she's laying on the couch). I really wish I knew cat breeds because I'd try to find out what she is exactly. But there she is, giving me her death glare that she normally does...
This is a 10x zoom shot from across the room. 
I'm totally floored by how responsive the LCD screen on that camera is. If you've ever panned with a digital camera from today, what you see on the screen is a few milliseconds behind reality and you can kind of see it when you pan quickly. But if you pan with the Mavica it looks like an old home movie from the 90's with that analog-digital look to it. 60hz I think the screen operates at which is awesome. It even has a hardware zoom. But yeah that;s my new camera that I'm totally dorking out about :DD

-Zeke, Daniel, Seg


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Sep. 13th, 2015 11:34 am (UTC)
надеюсь, ты переведешь этот текст на английский. :))

В 1997 я снимал на Мавику предыдущего поколения, еще без зума. Это было нечто !
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